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Neo International (P) Ltd. is dedicated to offering affordable, high-quality water treatment and purification products to benefit the masses. With years of experience in the market, Neo has expanded its offerings to include solar water heaters and kitchen appliances, making it one of the fastest-growing brands in its product domain. Neo`s commitment to quality and affordability has earned it a nationwide reputation for excellence, with a sales and service network that reaches all corners of the country.

What We Did

UI/UX Design

Design & Deveopment

Web Development

Content Strategy


Our Goal

The website should provide concise and clear information to help users quickly find what they are looking for. An e-catalogue should replace the paper catalog, and the Dealers section should be easy to view. To improve the functionality of the website, making it easier for users to navigate and access information. 

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Our Challenges

One of the major challenges we faced in redesigning the website was to incorporate the minimalistic concept while providing maximum information. Additionally, we had to ensure that the product was showcased effectively and that it sparked the interests of customers. Another challenge we encountered was to provide a viable end for the client to add their data. Under these circumstances, we had to follow a structured approach to redesign the website, while keeping these challenges in mind.

Our Challenges

Our Focus on Enhancement

Design and build an interactive yet user friendly website
Enable customers to swiftly locate specific products they are seeking
Map-based dealer information for seamless product purchases
Effortless product updates with a streamlined content management

Our Solution

The objective was to redesign the website for Neo Appliances was to provide a user-friendly and minimalistic platform that effectively showcased their products in an understandable manner. Considering the business requirements and branding perspectives, we incorporated the client`s needs into the website with technologies that can handle the needs of the client and customers.

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Website Revamped

We took on the challenge of revamping our client`s cluttered and confusing website. Users were struggling to find the information they needed, so we set out to create a more user-friendly experience. Our solution was to design a simple and inviting landing page that would serve as a gateway to the client`s main products. We carefully categorized their offerings, making it easier for customers to navigate and find what they were looking for.

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Dealer’s Information & Map Integration

By integrating a dynamic map of Nepal onto the landing page and pinning the locations of the dealers on the map, users could conveniently click on the desired location and access detailed dealer information. This feature not only facilitated a seamless customer journey but also empowered potential buyers to easily locate and connect with nearby dealers.

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Products Videos

We incorporated their promotional YouTube videos into the landing page. By integrating these videos directly on the page, we aimed to enhance user engagement and provide a dynamic visual experience for visitors.

Attaching E-Catalogue

By integrating the client’s products and services into e-catalogue with their website, Neo appliance made it easy for their potential customers to browse their products as they would in a handbook. The e-catalogue enabled the company to track user behavior, helped the retention of the customers, ease of product overview and improvement in customer engagement. 

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The Outcome

Neo Appliances newly updated website has made it easy for users to find the information they need in a convenient way. The addition of a Dealers Section on the website has greatly increased the number of new dealers signing up from all over Nepal. The Contact Section has also seen a significant growth as it has become much easier for people to get in touch with Neo Appliances. The website`s Homepage clearly showcases Neo`s entire range of products, which has generated a positive response from customers. Additionally, effective SEO techniques have attracted organic traffic to the website.


The Neo Appliances project was an exciting endeavor for our team because we utilized new technology to bring it to life. Implementing the latest methods was challenging yet stimulating, and our team worked diligently to meet the client`s core requirements while adding extra enhancements. The outcome was a user-friendly and visually appealing website that satisfied both the client and its users.

We had a very pleasant working experience with HawkAi. The entire process from ideation, documentation and handling was smooth.

The dealer section and dealership form was crucial to us and team understood and implemented it accordingly. The team understood our requirements and provided us suggestions along the way. Very good and active team to work with.
Mr. Kanhaiya Ghiraiya , Neo Appliances

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